La Casa Hogar - Yakima, Washington

La Casa Hogar

Members of the diverse population of Hispanic newly arrived immigrant women and children in the Yakima Valley participate in a faith-based community transformation opportunity while building a sense of family community and developing a variety of leadership abilities. These women are empowered to practice self-sufficiency through education, gaining highly valued skills in computer and family literacy, English as a Second language, and early learning activities in our children’s learning center and leadership.

As a faith-based coalition of people serving to grow a healthy community, La Casa Hogar both provides and cultivates educational resources that meet the diverse needs of the Hispanic immigrant women and children of Yakima and its surrounding neighborhoods, creating a diverse, healthy, and self-sustaining resource for transformation in eastern Washington.

Our original mission — providing emergency resources for homeless people and those with an emergent resource need, on behalf of faith communities — also continues today.

United Way of Central Washington
La Casa Hogar is funded in part by the United Way of Yakima County.